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High-Capacity Data Warehouses

When building data warehouses, GlowByte Consulting uses only the most cutting edge and well-regarded platforms, programs that are admired and used by leading firms the world over. To address our clients’ specific needs, our specialists are able have the most powerful instruments available at hand, and can draw upon the newest programs from celebrated developers such as Teradata, EMC GreenPlum, Oracle Exadata, SAP HANA, IBM Netteza, and HP Vertical.

Our Tools

In our work with big data, we tend to use Hadoop Implementations and Big Data Analytics & Real Time Analytics as the base for our projects. Our specialists are always on the lookout for unexpected combinations of programs that transcend the sum of their parts, achieving lofty results that no single component could individually attain. GlowByte Consulting maintains a deep arsenal of technologies that enable us to carry out text mining and analysis, construct data warehouses that fit client needs, and create analytical systems that operate in nearly real time.

Our Platforms

The best platforms for working with large quantities of data might seem alike at first glance, but each has its own unique strengths and capabilities.

EMC GreenPlum is offered in two forms, as a distribution disk and a software and hardware suite. It allows for linear and columnar data storage, as well as algorithmic compression. In addition, EMC Greenplum is tightly integrated with Hadoop.

IBM Netteza (IBM PureData) is only offered as a software and hardware suite. This platform includes a one-of-a-kind accelerator system, based on a matrix programmed to compress data stored at the disk level. In our experience with this platform, it has contracted data by an average of 75%. IBM PureData also allows for the use of MapReduce.

Teradata is also only available as a suite. Teradata includes both lexical and algorithmic compression, and an accelerator is offered as a separate program. Teradata can be implemented as an application for Hadoop, and it is closely integrated with Cloudera Hadoop.