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The business world in Russia is coming into its own. Russian companies are competing in the world market, and new legislation is being adopting to help bring financial reporting standards in line with international norms. As they move to adapt, many top business leaders are immediately feeling the benefits of more advanced, in-depth reporting as it rapidly improves accounting and decision making at all levels of their companies.

Uncompromisingly Thorough Reporting

GlowByte Consulting offers a full range of services in the field of automated reporting, data collection, analysis, and conversion. Our specialists are skilled in gathering comprehensive ranges data from a variety of sources and transferring it to a workable unified format. In addition, we perform audits and transformation model implementation, or the reconfiguration of data to meet Russian or international requirements. Overall, our activities allow managers an optimal representation of their companies’ actual operations.

Our staff’s expertise allows us to get the most out of the latest technologies by premier software developers such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, and SAS. We can create each and every manner of regulatory and managerial report for internal users and clients alike.