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Financial Management

Regardless of a company’s scale or specialty, its fate is always in thrall to the efficacy of its leadership. As markets stabilize and niches are filled, companies must become smarter and more efficient. In order to do this, companies must be able to effectively work with information, collecting, processing, and analyzing data to meaningful practical ends.

Financial Management Expertise

GlowByte Consulting specializes in systems that help executives stay as well-formed as possible in order to soundly guide their companies through a tough economic landscape. Our systems help manage critical information, raising reporting to the highest international standards and performing reliable, insightful analyses. We employ state-of-the-art software from companies such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, and SAS.

Some Achievements

  • Our specialists have implemented a system for generating monthly reports for a major media corporation.
  • We worked with a large telecommunications company to overhaul their entire reporting system, bringing it into alignment with international standards.
  • One of Russia’s banks relied on us to enrich their range of analytical indicators in order to improve planning and efficiency.