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Over the past couple of decades, the quality and processing power of personal computers have grown more than anyone could have predicted. Still, sufficiently large quantities of data can overwhelm even the most advanced standard computer. In order to handle the great collections of information on which companies have begun to rely, bigger and better tools are necessary.

Big Data, Big Opportunity

The distinguishing features of what has become known as Big Data are a tremendous scale of information and a chaotic lack of organization. Not unlike an avalanche, Big Data can appear to grow ever larger, indiscriminatingly swallowing everything in its path. Even just a few years ago, there were few ways to effectively work with information on such a daunting scale. Still, companies have long understood the necessity of getting Big Data to work for them – after all, if such huge quantities of information could be put to practical use, the possibilities would be nearly limitless.

Riding the Avalanche

Our pioneering experts offer data storing and processing solutions that are altogether unique within the Russian market. Any company that is able to successfully consolidate its far-flung data into a single, high-functioning system will have a formidable competitive advantage. For example, decisions become sounder and more reliable, based on a solid foundation of both internal and external data, changes in the market can be perceived in advance, and one’s understanding of client needs becomes broader and more sophisticated.