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The telecommunication market is among Russia’s most highly developed industries. By this point, the niche has indeed been filled, and the number of potential new customers is not sufficient to promise meaningful growth. Rather, companies must now expand their businesses through innovation and invention, introducing new services, winning customer loyalty, and finding new opportunities for exploration and collaboration.

Keeping Track

Expanding telecommunications companies face certain common problems as far-flung braches pop up in geographically remote areas. These subsidiaries are often diverse and disparate, but in order for the company to function successfully, their activities must be strategically integrated. In monitoring these branches, companies are often weighed down by immense volumes of information that may or may not be in a unified format, and their long-term success may rely on the ability to intelligently process this data for meaningful, large-scale reports.

Big Data to the Rescue!

Corporate data warehouses can unite all the critical information from a company’s distant operations within a single, easy-to-use database. These systems make it possible to organize and analyze information according to a number of different criteria, such as location, traffic, clients, revenues, strategies, equipment failures, related services, and more.

Financial Expertise

Over our long-term cooperation with many of the premiere telecommunications companies in Eastern Europe, GlowByte Consulting has built huge data warehouses storing hundreds of terabytes of data, implementing software for managing consumer relations, and developing accounting and management reporting software. These systems have helped our clients access to clear perspective on a crowded, complex marketplace.