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Business Intelligence (BI) systems have ushered in a sea change in the worlds of finance and telecommunications, where they are already part of common practice. Still, the potential of BI systems has yet to be realized across much of the economy, and tremendous opportunities await those who take the initiative to adapt these technologies to their given spheres of activity.

Tasks and Solutions

We work with information to find practical, constructive business solutions. By gathering and analyzing disparate data, we can identify revealing new performance indicators and formulate useful new parameters tailored specially to a company’s particular line of business.

Another key activity is text analytics, through which we are able to gather telling information about a company, as well as its industry and competitors. From this, we are able to make the sort of meaningful connections that can be relied upon to soundly guide strategy and decision-making. Moreover, text analytics can help to track the potential effects of new legislation, and can help to control information leaks.

While all businesses face certain abstract challenges, each specific company must deal with tasks unique to its particular activities. Often, these tasks are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and thankless. At GlowByte Consulting, we can help you to automate these tasks, sometimes eliminating human involvement entirely.

Experience and Achievements

Having worked with renown banks and telecommunications companies, our specialists have practical experience implementing complex, powerful systems that are novel to many industries. Our achievements include creating an exhaustive, interaction mapping system for one of Russia’s biggest fuel companies, implementing a forecasting system for one of the country;s transportation leaders, and many more.