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Financial Sector

In Russia, the financial services market is already well-established. Banks and credit institutions engage in lively competition for new clients, constantly offering their customers newer and better services. For these innovations to be sustainable, companies must employ insightful analyses and accurate forecasts. At GlowByte Consulting, we collaborate with companies to ensure that their strategies are based on the strongest possible foundations.

Critical Decisions

In banking, managers’ decisions can impact not only their companies, but the larger national economy as well. GlowByte Consulting has extensive experience working on matters with consequential, wide-ranging implications, and values the opportunity to help companies manage their myriad responsibilities.

Credit Risks

Credit activities inherently involve high levels of risk and complexity. Nonetheless, our services, including targeted research, client screenings, and behavior modeling, can help companies to navigate this volatile but rewarding industry with confidence.

In addition, GlowByte’s software specialists can implement systems to make credit operations as efficient as possible, minimizing human labor and fully animating many processes. 

Our Role in the CIS Banking Industry

GlowByte Consulting has been cooperating with some of the largest credit and banking institutions in Russia and the CIS for about seven years. Over this time, we have not only gained experience and expertise in organizing and automating all sorts of banking activities, but have also developed a sensitivity to the industry’s particular needs and challenges. Understanding the nuances of a company’s business, we are able to create customized solutions using the optimal programs for a given challenge. A number of globally recognized banks have given GlowByte Consulting’s judgment and expertise their votes of confidence.