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About Us

Since beginning in 1997 as IT outsourcing company, GlowByte Consulting has grown into a regional leader in data management and analytics. Over time, we have put many ambitious initiatives into practice, with a number of our projects becoming self-sufficient companies in their own rights. Additionally, GlowByte Consulting has been offering IT services since 2004 to help our clients develop the powerful, customized software systems they need.

Holistic Understanding, Smart Conclusions

Experienced in both modifying existing software and developing it from scratch, our specialists are uniquely qualified to offer you the best solutions possible. Since 2008, GlowByte Consulting has staked its reputation on cutting edge, high-tech consulting, building a track record of intellectual integrity and tangible results.

Onwards and Upwards

Today, GlowByte Consulting oversees operations in Moscow and Minsk, employing over 300 people. As word of our achievements continues to spread, demand for GlowByte’s services is rising. Today, GlowByte is dedicated to meeting the challenges of expansion. As we add more talent and enter new regions, we are devotedly upholding our standards of quality of efficiency.

Partnership and Achievements

At GlowByte Consulting, we place our clients at the center of our approach. Working throughout the CIS, we use the most intellectually rigorous analysis to ensure that our solutions our adapted to the needs of the specific market. Our ability to maintain high levels of diligence and efficacy across heterogenous markets has made GlowByte Consulting a leader in Business Intelligence throughout the region.

Our Advantages

  • Superlative analytical expertise, aided by one of the best data warehouses on the market.
  • Access to the latest technologies from the leading software developers and the ability to maximize their utility.
  • The experience and adaptability to impactfully implement BI services across a variety of spheres and industries.
  • Methodical processes and quick results.
  • A consistent record of integrity and trust.